Your Business Should Be

Simple, Effective and Reliable. should also be a true expression of you, and your purpose on this planet.

You can grow your business to multiple 6-figures and beyond while selling as your true self. Make consistent sales to meet or exceed your monthly income goals, and say goodbye to the seasonal boom-bust of eco-centric services. There doesn’t have to be an “off season” when your sales strategy is on point, and aligned with your authentic personality.


Perhaps You’re Here Because..

  • You’re not making enough money to put toward dream projects

  • You feel pushy or salesy in conversations with prospective clients.

  • Marketing efforts aren’t bringing in high-quality leads

  • The people who are naturally reaching out to the business aren’t ideal clients

  • You’re having a hard time balancing your work and personal life (family, friends, community!)

On the Flip Side, You May..

  • Want to be able to buy land for a demonstration and education center or simply homestead

  • Love being able to offer your passion as a service every day

  • Crave being outdoors and helping heal the planet, without doing hard labor

  • Value connection and working with people who have shared values

  • Be wondering how to feel natural having sales conversations

My Origin Story in a Nutshell


When I got out of grad school in Landscape Architecture, I felt pressured into either taking a low-paying government job to focus on my ecology passion, or taking a higher-paying gig at a private firm who didn’t share my values.

I ended up doing the latter, learned a lot, but lost a lot of my sense of self in the process. Through a serendipitous set of events, I left that first firm and was immediately hired by an ecological design-build company in Portland, OR to create a design branch of their operation from scratch.

Over the next year, I worked alongside some of the brightest business minds in the country while creating a foundation for one of the premier eco and edible landscape design-build firms in the Northwest.

I learned some amazing lessons that year, not least of which was how to find and sell high-end design services to property owners who are deeply committed to ecological living.

This breakthrough created such freedom for me in my professional life that I felt a massive drive to help other ecological designers and consultants do the same thing for their business.

.. and so began The Epic Eco-Designer, where we focus on helping you grow your business to multiple 6 figures and beyond while you sell as your true self, and do the work you were put here on the planet to perform.


“ In 1-1 Mentorship we take what’s not working in your business and turn it on its head, using proven strategies that are simple to implement, and that leave you the space to deliver high-quality consulting to your clients”

  • The unique aspect of our approach is that we keep what’s working, and in turn retain and build upon the existing personality of your business. In this way, you increase your income dramatically over time, while feeling like more and more of yourself in your daily work.

  • We focus on real-life clients and situations during the programs, because that’s how business works! Theory is nothing without the application in varied circumstances and settings.

  • This creates unshakable confidence in your ability to make consistent sales, meet your income goals at a high level, and integrate the mindset and skills that will serve you as your business grows.


1-1 Business Growth Mentorship


This program is a 1-1 deep dive on your business with me, Pete. It’s intended for business owners who are chomping at the bit to make big breakthroughs in sales, and how they show up authentically in their business every day.

Apply for a free Discovery Call with me to explore the path forward, and rewrite your daily reality as a multiple six-figure eco-consultant.


When your business is a vehicle for your soul’s purpose, and the strategy you’ve laid out provides clear daily action toward this goal, amazing growth and work experiences are the result.

This is about creating the business that you are ecstatic to wake up for and to work on. That’s working ON the business, not IN it by the way. Feeling the freedom that a bird’s eye view brings you allows true creativity in your business and lasting impressions on your clients.

You’re free from the problems that plague 95% of other entrepreneurs when your intuitive direction for the business meets a tried and true system for growth.

Feeling authentically You, and ethically sound while making the kind of money most consultants only dream about is the inevitable result when these pieces are in place as part of a synergistic whole.

Welcome to EPIC.

The Version Of You That Runs A Wildly Successful

Eco-Consulting Firm Is In There.

In Order To Reveal This True You, A Few Things Need To Be In Place.

  • You need to be ready to implement the steps we discuss in these programs.

  • Your conviction that this is the business you want must be unshakable.

  • A bigger purpose for the money you make must be the driver for your success.

If these are true for you,

then Now is the time to step forward and get in touch with us.

Why Now? Because the world can’t wait. The version of you who is living a truly fulfilled life, making the impact you desire to can’t wait.Above all, the foundations of your business need to be in place before any of the success and world-changing work you dream of doing can happen in an optimal way that serves your health, happiness, and financial goals.Waiting is a game people play when they don’t believe in themselves. Do you believe that this is the right path, that your consulting business can truly heal the planet and its people?

If so, let’s connect!